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Time Changes Nothing Gallery

My Message

In my paintings I have attempted to address problems that man often repeats with ominous and catastrophic consequences. Time changes nothing is also about greed, selfishness and corruption, which seems to be hereditary and takes over lives. We know the outcomes of war from countless conflicts that have occurred previously, and are still happening.

Climate change is an important event that is affecting the planet and causing droughts, floods, wildfires and the thawing of the ice caps.

All this is at man insistence on the destruction of forests, the reliance on fossil fuels and the resulting carbon emissions.

My painting also deal with the issues relating to starvation, racism, immigration, over population, animal cruelty, violence, homelessness, pollution, unemployment, losing skills, lack of health and safety.

These are all issues that I have tried to make anyone who sees my paintings aware of.

1. Breaking The Link
2. Love Not Hate
3. Different Centuries Same Result
4. The Show Must Go On
5. Forest Clearance By Fire
6. Another Pavement Different Street
7. Different Routes
8. The Dreaded Walk
9. The Food Bank
11. Despair
11. The Charred Forest
12. Peace In Our Time?
13. Man's Traps Abound
14. Without Conscience
15. Open Doors
17. Ominous Shadows
18. Demolition Unsupervised
18. Industrial Nightmare
19. Fire & Steel Destruction
20. From Green To Brown To Black
21. Blue Landscape
22. Waiting For The Next Bomb
23. Man's Legacy
24. Unblemished Skins
25. The Bloody Skins
26. Vivisection. Would God Approve?
27. Forest Deconstruction
28. Under Dark Skies
29. Life In The City
30. The Exodus
31. Population Explosion
32. Climate Change. The Beginning Of The End
33. Queing For God
35. Crowded City
36. Strangers With Different Opinions
37. As One With Nature
41. Empty Nest Dead Trees
38. Dead Trees Grey Water
39. A Way Of Life
41. The White Slave
43.Premature Change
44. The Battered & Bloodied Landscape
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