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Dec 20, 2012
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My Message


My paintings deal with the many predicaments that have befallen the planet due to mans apathy, neglect, poor planning, cruelty and the exploitation of the earth.

Due to mans interference certain parts of the land, sea and air have become precarious places in which their inhabitants can live.

The images I portray are victims of mans destructive attitude to strip the planet of its assets regardless of the consequences. My paintings are also diverse due to the many issues that I attempt to address.

Coal Mining

The Coal Miner has a history of working in a job which was arduous, dangerous and unhealthy, yet their contribution to so many aspects of life in coal mining communities and beyond is immeasurable.

Being employed in the mining industry for over 25 years, my interest in the portrayal of the pitman at work in different eras made it an obvious choice for my paintings. The cramped and hazardous conditions are a source of my endeavour to capture the miner in his working environment.

My interest in coal mining art is also well documented by pitmen painters in the North East such as Tom McGuinness, Oliver Kilbourn from the Ashington Group, Bob Olley and Norman Cornish. However it was also an inspiration for artists such as J.M.W.Turner, Sir Frank Brangwyn, Josef Herman, L.S. Lowry, Henry Moore and Keith Vaughan.

It is therefore very inspiring to be painting a theme which was of interest to so many illustrious artists.

Working Class Struggle

The struggle of the working man in an industrial situation is the subject of this section. This includes the class system which was prevelant particularly in the coal industry where the miner was initially a white slave.

Other images of this struggle is workers unrest, demolition of industries, hazardous dangerous work, along with the mistreatment of people by those in power via their greed and disregard for the working class.

This is my visual statement of people who made our country as well as supporting the industrial revolution despite struggling to live a life without poverty